Patch Notes 0.1
Patch Notes

A few weeks ago, we've released the Private Alpha for a selected pool of playtesters.

Feedback were super positive, and we've been able to catch and fix new bugs while building upcoming features.

What has been done in this New Patch?

  • Integrated Squad Compositions (Ctrl+1, 2, 3...)
  • Added VFX for Turret Hit Range
  • Fixed UI Misalignments and Clipping
  • Fixed  Loading Screen Countdown
  • Fixed  UI Issue on Glitch Block cost
  • Fixed  PlayNow Button Issue
  • Balancing combat, ambient and UI sounds
  • Changed background music
  • Fixed Core Twist & Turret Walk SFX
  • Fixed SFX Bug at Match Ends
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed & Improved Turret Impact VFX
  • Fixed Offline Mode
  • Fixed Mixed In-Game Units Selector
  • Fixed Loading Screen & Customization Backgrounds
  • Fixed In-Game Tab Data
  • Updated “Searching Opponent” Icon
  • Fixed Matchmaking & Player Profile Destruction Bug
  • Re-added Units Lvl Up VFX
  • Updated ELO Logic and Integration
  • Upgraded VFX pipeline
  • Fixed a Lighting & Texture Bug
  • Fixed UI Bug after ending Matches
  • Fixed Core Shield Bug
  • Fixed Flash Blocks and Glitch Block SFX
  • Fixed Button Localization
  • Updated various SFX
  • Added new ELO Logic
  • Fixed Lvl Up VFX Bug
  • Fixed GUI Data
  • Fixed Bullets Ground Impact VFX
  • Fixed Game Loading Error 253
  • Added Destination Prompters SFX
  • Fixed Energy Notification
  • Fixed Sound System
  • Fixed SR UI Layout
  • Fixed Delay on Turret Destination Prompter GUI
  • Added Scroll on Equipment Page
  • Fixed Turret Range GUI Behavior
  • Improved NPC AI
  • Added Stadium Screens Banners
  • Fixed NPC Colors Error
  • Fixed NavMesh on Spawn Ramps
  • Added Attack Confirmation GUI
  • Added Units Level HUD
  • Fixed Menu Background Bug
  • Reworked Memorial Stone
  • Updated Game Design Balance (NRG Costs, Damages, Speed, HPs…)
  • Updated Glitch Block Condition
  • Adjusted Electric Storm Effects Timing
  • Improved Units Directional Rotation
  • General Game Memory & Loading Improvements
  • Updated Notification System GUI
  • Updated Loading Page UI
  • Fixed Camera Area Limits
  • Edited Settings UI
  • Refactored Core Mesh for Performance
  • Adjusted Units Ranks HUD
  • Tentative Fix on EGS not always retrieving Players Data
  • Adjusted Core Health Points
  • Fixed Healing Cells Flash Block
  • Improved Platforms GUI
  • Improved Internal Build Pipeline
  • Basic Performance Optimisation

What's coming in the Next Patch (0.2)?

We got you, and we're already working on certain Quality-of-Life (QoL) features that you may request.

  • Integration of Attack Move & Area Control
  • Automatic Units Spawn via Minimap
  • Customizable Hotkeys
  • In-Game Notifications for Core & Turrets Events

From a high-level perspective, here's what to expect as well.

  • General Bugfixing
  • Sound Polishing
  • Performance Improvements
  • Initial Reward System (Mystery Box)
  • New Major Game Mechanic

And what's the current Game Roadmap in general?

  • FTUE Tutorial Minigame
  • Private Matchmaking
  • Tournaments
  • Battlepass
  • New Maps
  • New Flash Blocks
  • New Units
  • Mobile Game

Stay tuned, and see you on the battlefield.