Game Development Updates

We will keep this sprint sync short and sweet as we work tirelessly on the MVP release. So let's get right into it!

Meta - Player Progression (Completed)

Our team shared the structure of our player progression system in the previous monthly article (check here). The focus is to reduce grinding of results and instead making it fun and fair for all players to level up and progress in the game.

This will be implemented in the MVP release and next steps for the structure are already being planned for future releases.

Meta - Matchmaking (Completed)

Our matchmaking logic for the MVP release is completed, however we are working on additional ELO calculations and formulas together with our co-development studio for future releases, once players have progressed and new players have joined the game. We will have to keep reiterating and improving the matchmaking to keep the game fun and balanced for existing players as well as newcomers.

Meta - Screen Functionality & Navigation (In Progress)

The main screen functionality and navigation is ready for the MVP release (with limited functionalities). Our team is currently working on the visual design of the screens and will have something to share with you soon. We are also already working on ideas for the UI flow evolution post MVP release.

Art/Visual Updates

We've been tweaking and polishing the terrain features and unit designs. Hope you like the the newest iterations!

Tech Updates

As the game development for the MVP release is at an advanced stage, we are stress testing all aspects of the game to identify and fix bugs that are surfacing.

We have managed to achieve the following items in the last sprint:

  • Neutral units art and logic working properly
  • Automatic spawning of neutral units
  • Fog of war is up and running
  • Energy system has been fine tuned
  • All map features have been implemented
  • Multiple conflicts and bugs have been identified and fixed